About the Harriettes

Bangkok Hash House Harriettes (the Harriettes) meet on Wednesday evenings for a fun run and a few beers. All are welcome to come along. The Harriettes was formed in 1982 and has met every Wednesday since then – over 1800 times so far.

You don’t have to run – in fact many people walk the trail.  You will always manage to find people to walk the trail with you!

Runs are usually on the outskirts of Bangkok, and as a result we see far more of the city and surrounding areas than you would normally do. The trail often goes off the beaten track, so wearing new running shoes and clothes is not a good idea.

After the run there is ‘social drinking’ followed by the ritual ‘circle’, during which runners get verbal – often non-PC – abuse from the Grand Mistress.

Runners come from all walks of life, and various parts of the world – including Thailand! Typically about 20 people turn up each week. Though Harrietting is traditionally a women’s thing, the Bangkok Harriettes welcomes visitors of the opposite sex.

Visitors from other hashes are welcome as are newcomers.  Harrietting is a great opportunity to get out of the city, stretch your legs, relax and socialise.

The Harriettes is one of several hash clubs in Bangkok. 

For more information about Bangkok Harriettes click here.