Committee2020Bangkok Hash House Harriettes meet on Wednesday evenings for a fun run and a few beers. All are welcome to come along. The Harriettes was formed in 1982 and has met almost every Wednesday since then – over 2000 times so far. Read more.

Visiting Hashers – if you want to buy a souvenir Harriettes T-shirt please send us an e-mail a few days before you attend our run.

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Upcoming Runs

If you have any questions on the hareline below please contact Trailmistress Tickler. His contact details are in the newsletter, or you can leave a comment on this page.

Run     Date   Hare Location
2036 15 Dec Peter ‘Maverick’ L Chonburi M’way, Gustavia
2037 22 Dec Vichai ‘Senator’ S Chatuchak, Railway Park golf range
2038 29 Dec Tim ‘Joylide’ W TBA
2039 5 Jan Ed ‘Checkless’ C TBA
2040 12 Jan Mayli ‘Hot Chili’ S TBA
2041 19 Jan Tom ‘Pussy Virus’ E TBA
2042 26 Jan
‘Pat’ Pom S
Pattanakan, Aroy Dee

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