FAQ for visitors

Visitors are always welcome to the Harriettes runs.  Here is a list of some of the things you may want to know.

Beer – Various locally brewed brands usually including Heineken and Tiger

Camera – bring it with a waterproof thingy – there will usually be plenty of photo ops

Checks –  marked with an “X”.  360 degrees, 100 or so metres maximum to next paper

Circle – The GM and RAs run a traditional hash circle after the run

Cost – Not much. Look here for details of run fees

Dress Code –  hash gear – i.e. running clothes that can get dirty!

False  trails – sometimes used and marked with an “FT”.  Go back and find paper.

Food – we provide snacks after the run before the circle – enjoy!

Habberdash –  usually available, but don’t count on it

Marks –  normally shredded paper on trails, chalk on hardtop and the occasional use of flour, but it’s up to the hare(s) of the day

Off paper – generally on ahead or back, but should be treated as a check

On On On – after the run is over many of the hashers at the run will go to a local nearby restaurant to eat.  This is what we call the “On On On”. We sit at a long table and the hare orders food and beer for us all.  This is an excellent opportunity to try authentic Thai food, often in a small restaurant out in the countryside where we just ran.  We share the bill equally.  You can always get a ride back into town or share a taxi after the OnOnOn.

Life Membership – B300.  This one off fee allows you to receive the newsletter absolutely free for the rest of your life.  Also, Hashers get rewarded for completing 100, 200 etc. runs.  However, we only start counting after you’ve joined.

Run length – between 5 and 8 km, front runners are usually in after one hour

Shortcutting – yes

Soft drinks – water and Sprite are avaialble.  If you are not used to running in hot humid climates then we suggest you drink lots of water

Start time – 17:30 (changes to 17:15 in winter when sunset is early)

Trail – some hares lay on roads and klong (canal) path walkways, some lay 100% bush and plantations, some lay a mixture of both.  All runs will show visitors a perspective of Bangkok and surrounding provinces.  Through temples, along klongs, plantations, local villages and of course rice fields, runs are always interesting.  Be prepared to get wet and muddy feet.

Transport – see the next page “Getting to a Run”

Virgins – virgin hashers are welcome – if none of this makes any sense to you don’t worry, it doesn’t make any sense to us either!

Walkers – no problem, there are always plenty of them