Getting to a Run

Getting a lift

Need a ride to the Harriette’s run?

Often Hashers meet at a BTS (Skytrain) station and share a taxi to the run.  Try e-mailing or phoning a committee member to see if they can help you.

BRING DIRECTIONS,  just in case you are the only one who shows up and have to cab it alone (or everyone in the group is equally clueless).

Getting to a run by yourself

If you are going on your own, taxis are plentiful and cheap but most taxi drivers do not speak much English. Taxi drivers generally do not understand maps either, so if possible get someone at your hotel to write down the destination (or last named road) in Thai and print the directions from this website. A taxi ride to the furthest location will probably cost about B220, with another B60 or so for tolls.  Taxis are metered, so you don’t have to negotiate the fare in advance.  The meter in the taxi shows the distance travelled in kilometers as well as the fare, so when the directions specify distances you can follow this on the meter.  Most journeys to the Hash involve going on one or more of Bangkok’s elevated expressways, all of which charge.

If you are going to take a taxi, just make sure you hail a moving cab.  Taxis parked outside hotels are reluctant to turn on their meters.

Buses are very cheap but also very slow, and so are not recommended.  After the run you will always be able to get a lift back into the city.   For some runs, you can take the BTS (Skytrain) or MRT (Metro).